Russian language courses

Programs Description

The number of weeks and hours per week you want to study is up to you as well as your program, which you will design with your teacher on the first day of the course.

Russian General Language Course
for beginners, 80 ac/hours

With this course you will be able to read and write short texts, communicate in simple every day life situations.

Russian General Language Course
medium level, 120 ac./hours

At the end of this course you enrich your vocabulary. You will also improve your oral and written comprehension. You will study thematic subjects like:

  • family
  • a day at work
  • eating and drinking
  • shopping
  • transportation
  • at the theate
  • on holiday, etc.

Russian General Language Course
advanced level, 80 ac./hours

This course will enrich your vocabulary and refine your knowledge in grammar, study Russian literature through short stories and poems.


Start speaking Russian as soon as possible. Special emphasis is put on everyday situations and vocabulary. The classes are taught in a lively and fun way making use of many forms of teaching aids.


Understand and speak Russian on your trips without difficulty. Topics include: making travel arrangements in Russian; words and phrases for telling time, days of the week, seasons and colors; getting around in Ukraine, driving; food and dining.
Lessons are available Monday through Sunday and are adjusted to the busy schedule of the students. Only 24-hour notice is required to cancel the lesson when emergency occurs.

You can improve your Russian on Skype. Send us an e-mail including your name, surname and with information on your previous studies on Russian.

Russian Language Courses Programs

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